April 2019


  1. The Stars are Legion
  2. Fight or Flight

Wrap Up

8th Daughter of Smoke & Bone
18th Battle of the Labyrinth
25th Conspiracy of Kings (finally)


  1. The Last Olympian
  2. Thick as Thieves
  3. The Winner’s Crime
  4. The Winner’s Kiss
  5. Days of Blood & Starlight

2019 Goals Progress

No progress this month.

Book Club Reflection

I had to ‘quit’ a book club I joined on meet up because well it was a Book of the Month book club which I’m sure all of y’all know what that is (if not, it’s a monthly book subscription) but for like 3 months IN A ROW they kept choosing a book that wasn’t even one of the book of the month options. I kept getting frustrated about it so I left it. But for the other 4 clubs I was really only mildly interested in one book until I started reading it and I couldn’t finish it: Fight or Flight by Samantha Young. It was too whiny in the beginning for me to even get past that part so I dnf’d it. Have y’all read it? Did you like it? So hopefully, May has some good books I’ll be into enough to book club about it.

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