CO ’17 Vacation TBR

I’m currently visiting Colorado for a week. October 7-14; Saturday to Saturday. I know I wrote an October TBR but now that I’m here and off from work and school (YAY!) I have a better idea of how much I want to read while I’m here. So here are my vacation reading plans!

  1. Ready Player One
  2. I’m already 50% through this book and I’m excited to finish it! It’s such an amazing book so far. Kinda slow, like so far only one 1 key/gate has been figure out.

  3. Under the Banner of Heaven (75 pages)
  4. I only need to read 75 pages until my next book club meeting.

  5. Siege and Storm
  6. I’m eager to continue on with this trilogy! This one and Under the Banner of Heaven were the physical books I brought with me and I never bring books with me on vacation. I only bring my kindle so I have high hopes of getting to this one and finishing it.

  7. Aerie
  8. I read the first book Magonia a while ago and I’ve meaning to get to this one.

  9. The Shining
  10. I’m in ​Colorado AND it’s October/Halloween time so it’s only suitable that I read this book.

  11. Dreams of Joy
  12. I have this book as an audiobook from Overdrive. I just want to finish it off to finish the duology!

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