RainbowAThon {Day 6}

Here’s the ​Goodreads group for the readathon!​

For this challenge, we’d like you to write about diverse books this year, that you’ve either read already or are looking forward to reading! This can include diversity in any way you can think of, such as race, mental illness, disability and sexuality of characters.

RACE I guess the most recent diverse book that I read was Shanghai Girls. It’s about just that, Chinese sisters who are married off to US citizens. I really enjoyed the first book, I tried reading the second book but it’s too much politics for me.

SEXUALITY The most recent book I read that had a queer character was King’s Cage. It was awesome that Aveyard made this character gay! It was surprising but I have high hopes for this character!

I don’t think I’ve read books about mental illness or disability. Do you have any suggestions?

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