RainbowAThon {Day 4}

Here’s the ​Goodreads group for the readathon!​

This challenge is all about clichés in books! Feel free to write whatever you want on the subject, but here are some ideas to get you started – What do you think of clichés in books? Do you completely disapprove or are there some you secretly love? Are there any you’ve noticed yourself?

Some cliches make me roll my eyes. The main one I can’t stand is when the main character says “this is happening all because of me!” or the protagonist feeling like they have to save everyone. I can’t. The main books that come to mind that do this are The Hunger Games and The Red Queen series. Like no Katniss the rebellion wasn’t because of you, it needed to happen to make your world a better place. Just in general, people die in wars. You can’t save everyone.

I also can’t stand most romantic cliches. That’s why I don’t really read contemporary.

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