RainbowAThon {Day 1}

Here’s the ​Goodreads group for the readathon!

1. Which book are you most excited to read as part of the readathon?
Definitely ​Illuminae!

2. Which colour was the most difficult for you to find a book for?

3. What’s your favourite colour on books and why?
I don’t think I have a favorite color on books.

4. Which fictional world would you go to if you had the choice?
I don’t think I have a fictional world I’d go to. I mean in all of the books I read, their world is in turmoil! No thanks.

5. Which book cover do you like the most out of the books you’re reading for the readathon?
My favorite cover from my TBR list would have to be Their Fractured Light.

6. Who is your favourite fictional character?
My current favorite fictional character would be Lilac from the Starbound series. She’s such a badass and her and Tarver was so cute!

7. What is your favourite place to read in summer?
I always just read at home.

8. Do you think characters should always have a specified sexuality?
Of course not!

9. What book made you cry the most?
Definitely ACOMAF. But probably also because of where I was in my life at the time of reading it.

10. What is your favourite LGBT+ book?
King’s Cage is not a LGBT+ book by any of means but there’s this one character in there that is and I’m definitely rooting for her.

11. What book have you read this year about a character of a different nationality to you?
All of them!

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