King’s Cage Review (#1)


King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard. I gave this book 2 of 5 stars. This is the 3rd book in the Red Queen series. It took me 4 months to read it. I started it on March 10 (it was released on February 7th) and I finally finished it on July 26.

👎🏽It starts off as a slow read.
I remember picking it up a couple of times but it was so hard to stay intrigued enough to read. It was extremely slow in the beginning. It doesn’t really pick up until maybe half through the book. In the beggining Mare is held prisoner by Maven (which is where the 2nd book left off at) and it’s so sad and pathetic it was actually hard to read about.

👎🏽It is NOT the last book of the series.
I went into this book thinking it was the last book of the trilogy but towards the end once I was 90% through I thought to myself “no way can they solve everything in the last 10% of the book” and that’s when I realized there’s a FOURTH book *eye roll* I was eager to finish this book so I could finish the whole series so when I realized it was not the end, I was annoyed. So with that said except for the war at the last 20% of the book, nothing really happened.

👎🏽Love interests.
I was also annoyed how the love interests ended up at the end of the book. Especially Cal; first he was playing dumb like “I didn’t know this is what they were going to do Mare” and then on the very next page he was all “what did you think was going to happen Mare” like it was obvious.

👍🏽POV change.
The only thing really going for this book was Evangeline’s POV!!! I was so happy and excited to be in her head for a bit. I was seriously swooning over her real love interest. In the beginning Victoria also wrote from Cam’s POV and I honestly forgot who that character was. I had to go back to Glass Sword to figure it out. Hopefully we get a lot more from Evangeline’s POV in the next book.

That’s all I’m gonna say there!

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