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 01.05 - The One with the East German Laundry Detergent:  01.07 - The One With The Blackout:  02.06 - Presenting Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls):  02.14 - The One with The Prom Video:  21 Jump Street:  27 Dresses:  50 First Dates:  Accessories:  afternoons:  agendas:  Agnes:  airports:  Aladdin:  Aladdin: Jasmine:  Aladdin: Jasmine and Rajah:  Aladdin: Rajah:  alonetime:  amy:  Anastasia 'Ana' Steele:  andrew:  Anna Kendrick:  annac:  aquariums:  Aroma Melts:  ashley:  astronomy:  autumn:  Avengers, The:  bagels:  Bags: Handbags/Purses:  baking:  balloons:  basements:  beaches:  beauty:  bedrooms:  beds:  Belts:  bernadette:  Big Hero 6:  Bikinis:  Bing, Chandler:  Bing, Chandler and Joey Tribbiani:  Bing, Chandler and Monica Geller Bing:  black:  black tea:  blankets:  Body Piercing: Tongue:  bookcases:  bookstore:  bras:  Brave (2012):  Bridge to Terabithia (2007):  Brown:  brown eyes:  Buffay, Phoebe:  burns:  Butterfly Effect, The:  calendars:  candace:  candles:  candles:  Captain America: The First Avenger:  Captain America: The Winter Soldier:  Charlotte's Web:  chemistry:  cherry blossoms:  chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream:  chris:  Christmas Eve/Day:  cinemas:  Class of 2011:  cloud gazing:  clouds:  coconut:  coffee ice cream:  coffeemaker:  coffeemugs:  cold weather:  colin:  colorado:  compassion:  confidence:  Cottage Cheese:  Cotton Candy:  Couches / Sofas:  Courteney Cox:  cPanel:  creativity:  criticism:  daffodils:  daisies:  Dan Humphrey & Serena Vanderwoodsen:  dandelions:  darkrooms:  David Schwimmer:  daydreams:  Days of the Week: Fridays:  Days of the Week: Saturdays:  Degrees:  Denny:  deppfan:  Desks:  Despicable Me: Gru, Edith:  diamonds:  dinosaurs:  Dolphins:  donuts:  Dot Net:  dreams:  Dresses:  drew:  driving:  Earrings:  Earrings: Dangly:  Earrings: Gold:  Easter:  Easy A (2010):  edwestwick:  elegance:  elephant:  emotions:  equality:  Erin Brockovich:  eternity:  Eye Shadow:  Eye Shadow: Brown:  Eyeliner: Black:  Eyes: Hazel:  Fa Mulan:  faith:  Fast & Furious:  Fault In Our Stars:  Fifty Shades Trilogy:  flowers:  flynn:  Forever21:  Forrest Gump:  fraser:  Fried Green Tomatoes:  Friends:  Friends Season 2:  Friends Season 6:  Friends with Benefits:  Friends [+] All Characters:  Frozen:  frozenc:  gardens:  Geller Bing, Monica:  Geller, Ross:  Geller, Ross and Rachel Green:  gemma:  geography:  George:  gerry:  Gifted:  giraffes:  Going to the Movies:  gold:  goldens:  goldring:  gosling:  gossipgirl0101:  gossipgirl0610:  gossipgirlcharacters:  graphic designing:  grease:  Green Tea Ice Cream:  Green, Rachel:  Grey's Anatomy:  Grey's Female Characters:  Guardians of The Galaxy:  gyllenhaal:  happiness:  harry:  Harry Potter Movies:  harryluna:  Hearts:  Hedwig and Harry Potter:  history:  Hobbit, The:  Hobbit, The: An Unexpected Journey:  Hobbit, The: The Battle of the Five Armies:  Hobbit, The: The Desolation of Smaug:  Hocus Pocus:  homes:  homosexuality:  Hoop Earrings:  Hosting:  hotchocolate:  Hotel Transylvania:  hotels:  How the Grinch Stole Christmas:  How to Train Your Dragon 2:  Howard & Bernadette:  Hunger Games Series, The:  Hunger Games series, The:  Hunger Games, The:  Hunt:  Hunter Hayes:  Hunters:  Ice Cream:  ig:  Iggy Azalea:  Ikea:  iMac:  index cards:  Insurgent, Divergent:  ipad:  Iron Man:  Iron Man 2:  It:  ivydickens:  Izzie:  Jason Bateman:  jaybaruchel:  Jealous (Jonas, Nick):  jenn:  jensen:  jessicaalba:  Jewelry/Jewellery:  Jewelry: Gold:  Jewelry: Silver:  jim:  jlo:  John Stamos:  johnny:  joining fls:  joseph:  julie:  Julie & Julia (2009):  justin:  kaleycuoco:  Karev:  katie:  keychains:  kristen:  Languages & Linguistics:  Languages: English:  leonardo:  Lesbians:  Let It Go:  libraries:  Life as We Know It:  lilacs:  Lip Balm:  Lisa Valerie Kudrow:  listening to music:  livingrooms:  Love Actually:  Lovegood, Luna:  MAC Cosmetics:  Majestic:  maleficent:  Maleficent:  Mangoes:  manicures:  maria:  Mark Sloan:  Marley & Me:  Marvel Comics: Romanova, Natasha Alianovna/Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow):  Mascara (Black / General):  massages:  Masturbation:  matt:  mattdavis:  Matthew Langford Perry:  Maybelline:  mbialik:  Mean Girls:  melgibson:  Memoirs of a Geisha:  Michael Kors:  Miranda:  mischa:  Months: June:  mornings:  Mother's Day:  My Cousin Vinny:  My Girl:  Naked Women:  Necklaces: Gold:  nemo:  New Girl:  night:  Nike:  Nipple Piercings:  Noah Wyle:  notebooks:  Numbers:  nz:  OITNB:  online shopping:  orchids:  Panic! at the Disco:  patrickdempsey:  Paul Walker:  Peace:  Pedicures:  peetakatniss:  pencils:  pens:  Perks of Being a Wallflower, The:  Phil Coulson:  Phones: Cell/Mobile: Apple iPhone:  pillows:  Pirates of the Caribbean series:  Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End:  Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, The:  Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest:  Pitch Perfect:  Playing Computer/Video Games:  Pocahontas:  Polka Dots:  Practical Magic:  proposal:  ragdoll:  rapunzel:  reading:  redtabbycats:  reese:  restaurants:  Rise of the Guardians:  robertdowneyjr:  roses:  Sandman:  sandra:  sapphire:  Schindler's List:  seasons:  sephora:  sephora:  sephorabeauty:  sex in the morning:  Shailene Woodley:  shelters:  shoes:  shopping:  shorts:  sky:  Snape:  snow:  snowflakes:  Snowflakes:  snuggie:  soap:  solarsystems:  spa:  spring:  Starbucks:  stargazing:  stars:  Stephen Hawking:  summer:  sunflowers:  sunglasses:  Sweet Home Alabama:  Tangled:  tarzan:  tattoos:  tea:  texting:  Thanksgiving:  The Friendship Algorithm:  The Shining:  The Wolverine:  themeparks:  Thirteen:  Thor: The Dark World:  thunderstorms:  timallen:  Time Traveler's Wife, The:  Timothy McGee:  Tolkien, J. R. R.:  Toothless:  topher:  Touching:  Toyota:  traveling:  Tribbiani, Joseph 'Joey':  troian:  tshirts:  tulips:  Tumblr:  tv:  umbrellas:  Underwear/Panties:  Underwear/Panties: Thongs/G-Strings:  Up (2009):  Valentine's Day:  vases:  vindiesel:  Virgin Suicides, The:  volunteering:  Watches:  watching movies:  watching tv:  water:  waterfalls:  webdesign:  Weekends:  Where The Heart Is:  White Chicks:  White Chocolate:  winter:  Winter Holidays:  Wizard of Oz, The:  words:  World of Warcraft:  World of Warcraft: Cataclysm:  World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King:  X-Men: Days of Future Past:  Yang:  Yearly Anniversaries:  You Again:  zac:  zoos:

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