About Coveting

[kuhv-it] verb: to desire wrongfully

I decided to register coveting.net because I actually used to have it registered under me a long time ago and I've always loved one worded domain names. I like the definition of coveting as well, it rolls off the tongue for me.

Before Coveting I had/ran sugarkiss.net, demure.three-words.net, demure.me & I believe I attempted to run x.littleoctopus.net (which didn't work out, obviously). But back in (ooh um hm?) the beginning of 2014 when TFL.org was down, I let go of my domain name which was sugarkiss.net at the time, and lost most of my fanlistings :( But I'm back! And happy as ever even though TFL doesn't get as much attention/traffic I'm happy to run and join fanlistings! :D

I started running & joining fanlistings in 2010 and my first ever was for Monthly Anniversaries which was approved on April 7 2010 now it's closed :( I forget how I came across fanlistings in the first place but I definitely remember just being really confused as to what they were ;P But now I'm addicted!

Version 1: August 7, 2014-August 11, 2014

last updated on november 3, 2015